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Our Work Teams

Our Work Teams are comprised of members across Partner Organizations and are targeted to achieving our objectives. Interested? Contact the team leader to learn more.


Invasive Abatement

Through educational outreach, strategic planning and hands on abatement, our team spreads the word about invasive plants and abatement techniques in collaboration with the DNR, EC City, and private landowners. 

Plant Eau Claire

Interested in doing hands on work to help enhance, maintain existing, or plant new Eau Claire native habitats in collaboration with government, neighborhoods, businesses and private landowners?   

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Want to help us evaluate, monitor, and engage staff, elected officials and citizens in evidence-based biodiversity-supportive urban planning efforts in Eau Claire? 


Have expertise you'd like to share? Help us to share knowledge highlighting the benefits of biodiversity for ecosystems, economies and human well-being. 


Nurseries Advocacy

We partner with local nurseries, encouraging the supply and use of a wide variety of true  native trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses and seeds to customers.

Demonstration Garden Work

We help design and plant high visibility native grassland, pollinator, mini-prairie, and rain gardens

in consultation and collaboration with select community partners across different demographics. Our gardens and signage helps to educate and encourage others to plant natives in their own yards. 

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